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No, I don’t know, I’m not in a choir, I just love singing. Do you know it’s been a long time? A long, time. I think I’ve got the feeling that you’ll be doing that too, so don’t stop, don’t stop, I want to hear that sound coming out of your singing mouth.”

The whole show had a huge impact on us, even though we got some money that had been used to buy stuff that had helped the group get through. It’s great that people have that type of motivation, because it inspires them to keep going.

“I can’t imagine what it must sound like going through what we went through to play that concert.”
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Sebastian “Sebastian” Kessel

Sebastian: “It’s like you’re walking home at night. You know, you turn your bike off or, even worse, you get in your car and you drive to a party. You have music, people coming along, and you’re going to the party and the music stops, but you’re still in your mind. You’re thinking about that music, and the music has taken over, and you don’t even want to think about what’s happened to the music, the lyrics or the music, but to keep thinking of that music. And the whole thing is so intense. When you play, it’s so intense. I’ve never experienced anything like this, ever, in my life. I’ve loved playing music, and when you’re onstage, you’re standing there with some of the greatest, most gifted people you’ll ever meet, and you’re just thinking about that music. It’s pretty overwhelming.”

How is it that you guys managed to do that? You have to be incredibly lucky in that aspect of it…

“Yeah, it was just a really great opportunity to play that show and learn from the best at every part of it. It’s been amazing. You want to learn and be inspired and to learn and play with great actors. It was such an honor. And it felt like it’s the best show that I’ve played, period. The best I’ve ever done, in concert or live!”

What did you feel like was your most rewarding performance that night – did any of it even feel good?

“Yeah, I mean we just didn’t have any trouble. I didn’t have too much trouble. I think it was the culmination of a lot

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