Do females have falsetto?

Of course they do! That’s what sex education was all about!

What do we have to show for all this?
Can Anyone Learn to Sing In Tune & Key or Good At Any Age?

A lot of women will now have to think long and hard before using this as a method of birth control. If they go ahead, a child will be born. And, if they take it anyway, they may well be responsible for that child’s life.

And what about abortion?

That’s even more terrifying. With the new legislation, there is now nothing to stop a woman from having an abortion. If a woman decides to abort, she may do so with impunity. Abortion is one of the fastest-growing means of family planning available to women.

I’ve heard of more men coming out against abortion in the past few weeks.

Yes – I’ve learned that some men think abortion was bad enough before these sex ed laws. But the new laws have opened them completely up to a woman’s point of view about sex and contraception. Men are now more open to hearing their side.

Are these laws merely about punishing those who don’t conform to societal expectations?

Not at all. Legislators have taken a clear stance: this is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and it’s not just about punishing them for violating a women’s right to choose contraception. Legislators hope that by giving pregnant women freedom to choose, they will be able to reduce the number of unwanted children that a society is likely to have.

Will these laws also affect women who, at least in theory, should have access to contraception through their insurance companies?

It’s possible. Legislatures have passed an amendment to the health care law that could cause millions of women to lose their plans. As for contraception, a new provision of the law could change all kinds of things. The Supreme Court could make it seem like women could now have access to emergency contraceptives, though this hasn’t yet happened.

Is the new restrictions about sex education?

I believe so, but I can’t tell right now. In light of the backlash to these laws, I’ve been looking at them skeptically. But I’m not holding my breath – I’m thinking that maybe what’s going on here is a little bit of a mix-up, and one in which legislators are really trying to get the attention of the public so that their legislation can pass.

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