Do females have falsetto? – Practice Makes Perfect In Singing

I’d say that there are certain factors that affect this process. First of all, I have noticed that falsetto is a little bit harder to nail in some singers than it is in others (think: a boy on falsetto vs. a girl on it). Also, falsetto can take a while to develop to the perfection needed to capture a female’s voice.

Is it possible to get a falsetto and a singing voice?

Yes, I’m sure. However, in the long run, you might run out of time. In my experience, it usually takes around 10 years or more of practice with a particular technique to achieve a female falsetto.

What are the pros and cons of using a voice-suppression machine?

I always try to use a voice-suppression machine at all times to help improve my vocal performance and to avoid potential negative health consequences while using it. However, one thing you should know is that, as a side-effect, you may sometimes find a little more energy in your voice while using your voice-suppression machine while playing a song or performing a performance. Again, it has to be done in a conscious manner. You should not worry too much and just take a deep breath and say my name. I can’t promise that it will make a difference, or that you won’t have a problem in a certain area for a day or two. Please be careful in what you say to yourself and if you’re listening very intently, please, if possible, put it down. It will help your physical health. On the other hand, if you choose to ignore those things, your vocal performance will not suffer.

Do you think it would be possible to go back to wearing a fake chin?

I don’t have any idea. But it sure beats the alternative.

Have you ever thought about going back to wearing a false chin?

For all of the times that I’ve lost a great deal, I really don’t care. I never worry about that much anyway. Even though it has been a very long time now, I love singing. I was really enjoying that singing, and now that I am able to have it back I’ll take it back as soon as my heart allows me. I do have a big heart.

What else can I do to improve and be as healthy as possible?

How To Sing Better with a CLEAR VOICE! - YouTube
When I started this project, I only asked myself the following: How can

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