Do females have falsetto?

You can choose any voice for any female character, except the voice for the queen of vampires. So you’ll need to find an existing female character and find a male counterpart. I recommend finding two to three male voices, all from different perspectives. I’ve found one on YouTube who knows the secret identity of the vampire queen while another can be found on Soundcloud.

Which vampire voices have you made?

Not very much currently. I plan on having at least one voice for every female character in the game. However, I have no plans to have every single female voice added to the game.

Are you afraid of being sued? Can we expect an actual lawsuit?

No. I’m only concerned with the future of this company and the success of my game. I have a legal team in place to address any issues regarding my game but I haven’t been able to address any issues with the media in any manner. So I’m not afraid of legal risk.

Can you provide us with a translation for the English version of the game?

In the event we get a translation into another language then yes I will provide it for all languages. It will only be in English however for the moment I will be focusing on creating the English version first and foremost.

Is it hard to find people to voice the vampires in the story? Is there even a website dedicated to them?

Not really. Most people I’ve talked to online or in person are already fans of the show and know little or nothing about how they are voiced.

Do you like how much the original show changed? I think the original series still had some moments of enjoyment. I’m not sure if there are any changes from the series, but they have changed the characters and the general atmosphere of the game. Is that a good thing, or is it annoying?

No. I don’t know any of their original plans, they may not have had them if they had not taken an interest at the time. My job isn’t to influence them. It’s my job to create the game and to deliver it in what I believe the fans want.

You have a unique style of voicing the vampires. Did you have a particular voice that attracted you to the game? What are some of the voice actors that you have worked with?

I’m a fan of the show, but at the time I was auditioning to voice vampires, and the producers weren’t sure I was the right person