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Do you have good rhythm in your voice? You will find everything is easier if you use this technique. I suggest you spend about 2 to 3 minutes in between each solo, or even better, try the same solo with a few different singers. Use vocal technique to find what goes good with that voice, and then spend an hour practicing those techniques. And if you really want it bad, you can practice singing with other people!

Here’s the first solo I tried on one of those singers I mentioned above, as a kind of testing experiment:

1. Set up the equipment so each person can see

2. Choose the songs you need – I used the top ten most popular, or I wouldn’t have tried it

3. Start the solo

4. Record the solo in your own voice

4. Record yourself singing the first few notes (I use a Zoom H2n)

5. Record yourself singing the entire solo and then make your voice the same as your vocalist

6. If you find that you need more power, repeat the solo

7. If you find that you are trying to repeat the same note too often on the first solo, start over, but for the next one

8. Try adding different sounds to the solo, but only the notes that go well together

9. If you are not enjoying the solo, repeat the first solo but change it to a different song

10. Try changing the solo to a different instrument

11. Use your imagination

12. Take your time: try different solo techniques, and find ones that you love

The last thing you have to do before you go to the next step is to play your “own” solo, and to do that you need to practice different things, or you may end up with singing sounds and phrases from different songs which don’t sound the same.

As you learn to solo at the level of a beginner, you will develop the following skills:
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1. Listen to the notes better and better

2. Keep your voice quiet and still

3. Practice singing the note-by-note – not the same notes for each time and not the same notes for every vocalist

4. Sing the notes aloud – with your vocalist as the audience

5. Use your voice on it’s own in a variety of ways, not just with the vocalist

6. Listen and sing the

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