How can I become a better singer in 5 minutes?

1. Study songs and write lyrics

One-on-one with the singer. Listen to music or read music about how to sing. Listen to your mother’s music.

2. Practice singing.

How To Learn Singing In Hindi Tips - How To Learn Singing In Hindi
Write in your notebook. Play music that your mom would sing, your high school or college band would play, or maybe a new song.

3. Try doing it with new people, friends, and relatives.

See if you know how to do it with someone else.

Try singing on the subway and then walking the opposite direction. Or, try singing at the same volume in front of an airplane, or do what my girlfriend did.

4. Get into a group with people who really know how to sing. Don’t try learning songs you’ve heard on the radio!

Find a group of people that you feel at ease in. You can sing together and be good friends.

5. Practice what you know best: reading, speaking, or listening to music.

Take your favorite music or magazines and just read or listen to what you can sing about. This could be a song, a lyric, an anecdote, or a story.

6. Get a backing track of what you can sing on.

Buy a backing track—a song that you’ve heard in your head—but don’t sing it by ear. Get the backing track and have it in front of you.

Find a friend or close family member or someone you really trust.

Let them listen to the backing track, and tell them the words you want to say.

After 10 minutes, you’ll be singing the backing track in your head—with a little help from the backing track you’ve just read.

7. Practice it a lot.

Get a microphone, have everyone sit or lie down in a circle, and have everyone sing the backing track. Tell your group not to sing the backing track; they just have to listen and see what you’re doing. You can practice it together, too.

8. Make adjustments as you go.

When you perform at a music festival or do a gig, have some friends and family come sing your backup track.

9. Listen for yourself.

Put your favorite CD on repeat. If you can’t sing, do a few bars without singing, and listen to it again later.

Remember that you need to be selfless. If you