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The voice is a series of sound waves that are sent into you, and the sound is what’s left afterwards. It has its own energy level and it’s just as important as the soundwaves sent in. The most common way that I know the soundwave goes into and the sound is left afterwards is if I have it in my hand; if the sound is not there, then the voice is not being made.

If the voice and sound are there, then the voice needs energy to go through it. This sounds too simple to explain, so you must read my article at the top of the page to understand it better.

Body Movement:

When you feel someone’s hands touch or touch you, your body gets excited. When you experience the sensations, your body makes many waves to the point that you feel like something happens to your body. There are so many vibrations happening on the body, and it will be difficult to describe them here since the body will be different for each person.
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The vibration is also affected by the amount of weight on the person’s body. It is so important to understand that vibrations can change a person.


As I said above, your body vibrates, and you get excited when it does. When people do this, the vibration increases because you can feel the hand holding it, and you will have an increased urge to touch or hold this person; you feel more excited and more excited. When you feel these sensations, your body does a dance around you. The more excited your body seems, the higher vibration your heart is.

When you feel this excitement, your whole body vibrates or vibrates because the person is standing near you. The more the person stands at your side, the stronger the urge to touch or hold that person. The more aroused the person is, the stronger their vibrations. You also feel the excitement when you feel the hands of you or you know what you’re doing touch someone.

A person is also excited when they are being touched or hugged by you. Your body is excited when you feel the vibrations traveling in your stomach by moving in rhythm with each breath. You feel the urge to hug or touch someone’s arms or shoulders a little before you start touching them.

Feelings & Moods:

Your body creates a vibration and causes your breathing pattern to be disturbed. It’s a good idea to practice breathing patterns in which your body is moving in rhythm but you

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