How do you sing in key?

I listen to a lot of jazz as a musician, particularly in the ’90s, where jazz bands used different vocal techniques (with many of the band members starting out as jazz trumpeters).

Are there any jazz artists with whom you really resonate?

I love the new jazz-rock duos of Michael Jackson and David Bowie. (They’re also two of the best things about music.) They’re just so cool as a performer.

What were the most meaningful songs you loved as a child?

I loved the song “I’ll Be Coming Home.” It’s a song about seeing family (or “being home”), and that has stuck with me. It just sounds so good on a record.

What are your hobbies?

I play guitar and I’m a huge hip-hop fan. I’m also into collecting books and other memorabilia.

What are some of your favorite things to bring into the studio?

My most cherished item is that piano that the guys at Sonic are playing on tonight. It’s so amazing to see musicians on that very same instrument, especially with an engineer recording the performance.

Any musicians that inspire you?

I like to listen to a lot of jazz, jazz rock and stuff that uses instruments from other cultures — I don’t know if I can name all the musicians, but I think of the amazing vocalists in jazz who I listen to, but I have to say John Coltrane there’s just so much good music that was written by Coltrane.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

A couple of days ago, we posted about the news of a new game that is being developed from the ground up, called Zork Zero. I was quite impressed by the way the graphics look and how amazing the controls are. Now, a demo is available; I was able to try it with a friend.

Zork Zero is a top-down, sidescrolling, adventure game set in a dystopian future. The player controls one of five factions: The Dwarves, The Humans, The Goblins, The Orcs, or the Zork. The game is very easy to learn, and the controls are perfect for those who want to explore them.

Once in a while the game makes a big splash, with the big announcement of the most expensive game ever made – the Zork game! But aside from that, it is still really solid, with great graphics and