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Have you ever sung in your life?


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JIM: A voice is like a muscle, it needs to work. But you can do lots of things that are very difficult to do. If you’re singing, you’re not just singing. You’re acting. You’re making yourself into something that is different and different but interesting. So you want to look at that, see that the voice has more to it than just the sound.

DANI: Have you ever been to India and done a kirtan?

JIM: No, not in a kirtan. I was in Los Angeles in the early spring and it was one of the finest kirtan I’ve ever heard.

DANI: [inaudible]

JIM: It was in the Westwood Plaza with the lights off and you could feel the energy. That kirtan is like a meditation. All the energy is going into meditation. That’s how I think about everything. I’m not a religious man, but I think about it in that way.

DANI: You would hear and read into the world of music and you would find something that would inspire something with what you were doing at the time for yourself or others. If you could be a conduit in a certain way, a mediator, would that be the way to go?

JIM: I was raised in a family that was very serious, very structured. There was no room for improvisation. Everything was structured — everything was rehearsed. Music was very real to me and my friends became my colleagues.

DANI: You were a producer in the band?

JIM: Yeah. Yeah, I was the producer for the band and then later when we started to work on the band it was me and the drummer who brought in the drummers. It just all worked out quite well.

DANI: This interview has been edited.

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