How do you sing nicely?

In order to sing nicely at some point in the song, you can do a few things:

1. Sing in the “s” of a “solo” (sing “s” when you are soloing, etc.)

2. Put a “v” in front of the “s” to create a “soft” (or “smooth” or “hollow”) line (this can be a very effective way to sing, if you have good timing)

3. Sing “d’s” without a “v” (I have had some people ask me to make notes on when to sing these in order to get them “down”. I generally never do.)

4. When the song moves to solo singing, add in a “v” (a “v” sound is the “s” of a “solo”, i.e. when you sing “s” on solo and “v” is added)

These are just a couple of examples from The Music Man that you can use.

3.7 Playing the Instrument

The Musical Instrument is an essential part of any song. When singing, you will need to know how to play all the instruments in the song. Each of these is explained in the “Part 1” section of this lesson

A: Bass

B. Guitars

C: Bassoon

D: Saxophone (soul-melodic)

E: Bass Guitar

3.8 Practice Time

Now that you have some musical instruments, practicing them is essential. I have made a practice video that features the best guitarists in existence who have recorded these songs and played at least one song with each instrument.

Here you can view the video:

4. What is a “Luncheon Song”?

This word comes from the Latin lunare meaning “to dance”. In a country called Sweden it is usually called a “luncheon song”.

5. Other Notes on the Musical Instrument

This section is for those who want to learn what they can from this lesson.

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