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A woman in Alabama is fighting to keep her home after a man said the house is “full of filth.”

“It’s a filthy, smelly place,” a woman was overheard saying while she was driving around the area.

“The bathroom door has not been cleaned in three months,” she continued. “My son and the dogs have come in to pee and have never been cleaned, and I’ve seen garbage sitting on the floor.”

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“I was trying to stop it going back,” one neighbor told the woman, the Alabama Media Group reported. “Then I thought, you know, this is a nice house. I got off the phone with that woman.”

It all began about two weeks ago when a man approached a neighbor’s house, according to WALB.

The homeowner told The New York Times the man was “stealing some of my garbage.”

“He would throw it in a basket on the side of the street, and if you were coming down the street you would come running, ‘Hey, I’m so sorry, I’m taking your trash,’ ” the homeowner told the paper.

That’s when a second neighbor, who hadn’t seen the man before, decided to try to take care of things for him.

The two pulled by the resident’s driveway, and at some point the homeowner realized her neighbor wasn’t home.

“One minute, I thought she was in the house,” she told the paper, “and the next minute I saw him coming after her.”

The neighbor then said she’d seen a man carrying a bag, which led to additional questions.

Police arrested the man, and eventually discovered four young children living in

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