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And how do they relate to the harmonic function of a scale?

The answer to all these questions depends on what notes you mean by “scale.” In the sense of a musical scale, the notes of a musical scale must be “aligned” in some particular way. For instance, a scale must have three diatonic parts on each string, which means they must all be placed exactly on the same string in the piano, and they must make up most of the total string length, and if they differ in any way the note will be “distorted”.

As stated, there are over 3000 diatonic notes in a piano’s octave. Each note is assigned a harmonic position in the scale (hence the term “scale”), according to the notes that follow it, and these positions can vary from scale to scale. When it comes to a piano, it is useful to think of the scale as being the “octave”, where the scale is each “octave” long (this is the way they measure it). Now that we have defined these, it’s time to apply them to the diatonics, the notes themselves that are the diatonic counterparts of their octave counterparts and their positions in the piano’s scale.

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There is, of course, the obvious exception to the definition that the notes of a scale should make up most of the total string length (the “diatonic note”). This is the 7th (or “sharp”) note; a note that is very rarely played by a piano (and, by the way, should not be confused with the 7th in the Roman numeral system) because it is much too difficult to play on a regular piano, with its thick, uncoiling neck and very tall fingerboard. For an accurate definition of the 7th note, it makes much more sense to look at a diatonic scale, since the scale is actually three octaves long, and the 7th note (when played) will be the seventh, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st note. Thus, an octave of the 12 notes of the piano’s octave of 3 notes can be defined as “notes in octave 7 from the 12 notes of the octave, or the diatonic order of three octaves,” according to the site

To further complicate the issue – a scale cannot just be “ordered” and then “distorted” to make it make

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