Is E Flat a high note?

A : No, no, nothing, just listen back to the beginning of the song.

Q : Why is it that the melody is always F#m , but the chord in the beginning is C#?

A : Because C# is the root note, and F# is the 3rd.

Q : Why do many people say that the song is a classic, when it really isn’t…

A : It is not a classic.

Q : Why don’t they cover it in the US yet?

A : The “original” recording was done in Germany, and was very short, and very melodic.

Q : Do you know why the band name changed to ” E Flat a Day “?

A : I have no idea.

Q : So, E Flat , A4 , B♭ major and C#m , it doesn’t sound like “E-flat-day?”

A : I don’t know.

Q : Why can’t you say “A” and “C” together, like they are?

A : That’s a matter of tradition, because E is the first note, so there are three notes in 1 octave, and the other notes are the rest.

Q : Can you play any more songs using 4 octaves?

A : Yes I can!

Q : Is this song about a girl who just can’t leave you, or a girl who is afraid to leave?

A : It’s all of these.

Q : Did you know that the “A” comes before everything else?

A : Yes, I knew it, too.

Q : The song is named after an actor, who was also named George?

A : That is correct.

Q : Why are George’s eyes in the song?

A : The eyes were used in the making of the guitar parts, because it would sound funny if George didn’t have eyes.

Q : What do you mean by “A” and “C” together and not “A” and “B” separately?

A : I suppose the two are the same, really, for example if you want to say “A and C” you would have to write it “A and C” together.

Q. Why does the bass and drums have their own notes, but the bass player doesn’t?