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Does it get old?”

The question was posed by the BBC’s Matt Forde earlier today.

He told us – and that’s the point – “It’s a question of a kind of nostalgia for the past”.

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The question comes at a time that there are many who believe we are in the midst of a ‘post-truth’ age, and that in many ways we have gone too far with the ‘alternative facts’ that the media are doing their best to pass off as “objective truth”.

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I would agree that the alternative facts are in many ways pretty silly.

What I would have asked him, and that I still question, is why did people, when they started the internet, not think twice before posting this kind of information, and just how long the media have been passing it off?

What is it about facts that makes people feel so passionate about them, and this seems so deeply connected to what people value, as they sit in the office or on their phones, every day?

I can’t answer this because I don’t have that answer.

So here are a few more of my thoughts from that time – not a particularly happy time, but I’m sure it will become a bit better as we get older.

In order, I would say…

The world of advertising isn’t all bad.

I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

There always seem to be a lot more of us that take on our work with passion and energy than there are of us who do it with money.

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One thing I know that most people don’t know is that for every dollar spent on advertising, about the same amount of people go out and buy their stuff

As for my experience – the world of advertising I did for was not all bad.

Here are just some examples of things that really changed on my watch.

The first was getting rid of the commercials, and I remember being thrilled when in 1980 a newspaper in the States ran my old ‘How to Grow Vegetables’ advert in a special section called ‘Advertising 101’.

Advertising didn’t even exist in Britain back then!

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We were really in love with it. I remember sitting with all a lot of colleagues in a room during a lunch break, having a very difficult time, but in the end we agreed that the ad

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