Is it haram to be a singer? – How To Learn To Sing Reddit

I would say that being a ‘Singer’ in Islam is something very rare, but I would also say that it is a very rare and difficult thing to do. If you take music seriously, and you really take music seriously, you can’t be ‘an’ a singer in this religion. That’s why I say that performing on stage is something you can’t do in this religion.

It’s really sad, doesn’t it mean that we’re not doing our job?

There’s no doubt that I can sing and I think it’s great. But there’s also no doubt that it’s a difficult job that takes dedication for that singer to learn all those different vocal skills in order to get the best result at stage.

Let’s talk of your role model, Sufi singer Rumi. Is she as unique in your experience as you are?

You mean my life is unique? Well, to be real, I’m really only like that. Not even in that respect. My life isn’t unique at all because Sufi music is basically not Sufi, you know. It’s really a mixture of everything and Sufi music only makes a few things sound different in general.

Sufi is not a particular genre of music. There’s different kinds of Sufi music and there’s different genres of Sufi music, but Sufi is just a mix of everything, isn’t it? So it’s a very hard-to-come-by genre. Even as a teenager I didn’t really take music seriously, but as far as a “singer” goes, I do like it a little different than most of my peers. That is, I like to do something for my friends and family that’s actually worthwhile. There’s really nothing else I’d prefer than to spend time with my friends and family. And there’s nothing else I really find that I’m actually passionate about. As a teenager I had the chance to play with some very special musicians as well, so I really want to do music a lot in the future.

Is the music you make for Sufi singers also influenced by the genre? Is there a sense of spirituality in Sufism of sorts? Do you take into consideration that some Sufi singers have spiritual aspirations that you don’t know?

In my experience Sufi music is more about spirituality than it is about any sort of spirituality. It’s a very different genre from Sufi music. I don’t think it matters very

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