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The song of a great musician must express in words and in music a profound meaning. It must not only be beautiful, but can never be merely pleasing to the ear nor could ever be merely instrumental. Its beauty, its power, its deep meaning is to be grasped only through a profound spiritual experience. The song and the singing of a great singer must be a means of illumination and transformation. Hence, it is not to be expected from any one who is not a gifted or trained musician or songwriter. (19) For more insight on the subject of talent see here.

We’re currently working on our second and final episode of the “Curse of the Dark,” as an homage to a film that has been a touchstone for many of us in the genre, and to another one that has gone by a much longer but very similar title:

We hope you’ll join us as we explore this ancient epic, and try to figure out what we believe the final message of the film might be.

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Sen. Marco Rubio claimed that not allowing same-sex couples to marry in Florida would mean more LGBT people would have to flee the state for jobs.

Rubio said in his speech on the floor that “if we don’t change how we view marriage, how we’re going to allow same-sex couples to take advantage of all the benefits of marriage, then we’ve created a climate where, because of this, more LGBT individuals will be in Florida, more LGBT individuals will have to move to Florida.”

Rubio’s statement was not just an excuse. His point, as his office pointed out, was to draw a distinction between traditional, heterosexual marriage and marriage between people of the same gender. Rubio’s implication is that allowing same-sex couples to marry would only further isolate Floridians. By making this case, Rubio has signaled exactly what he believes. He is willing to allow Floridians as a whole to suffer for his political opinions, not by changing his mind as a

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