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I’ve heard of it myself, and it isn’t for me. The idea is that you can do what you want with your singing talent, and it doesn’t mean you’re not a singer either but that you might have something to offer to others. As it was described in a conversation I had with a former choir director in Scotland (who I won’t name because it was a very private, confidential conversation):

“She said that a woman who is singing as a way of demonstrating her self confidence has a right to sing.”

I do not believe my singing talent is a reason for me to change anything, and I’m not sure there is a point in attempting to teach a person about musicality. It could easily end up being a source of contention and friction with other members of the choir, but my singing has become so natural that I don’t feel the need to demonstrate my abilities.

So I am not currently singing. If this seems harsh to some of you, I apologise. If any of you disagree with my assessment, I am grateful.

My intention was never to get everyone to think I’m a singing saint, and that I am somehow a special snowflake who had no idea who or what music was until I was a child, and was able to sing while watching TV, or playing the piano (which I am only partially sorry for). I’m sorry that people have confused my talent with my identity. That people assume I am special when they know nothing of what I know about music, and my actual abilities. And my intention has never been to be the world’s leading musical authority. I’m not that. I am a voice and I know what I can do. I have a passion for music and, like many others, I find something in it that drives me to pursue it for a while, at times yearning to sing. But I would be remiss just to say that music is something I have done for over forty years. I have no interest in singing for the sole purpose of making money.

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