Is Tar man made? – Can You Train Your Voice To Sing Better

No. I was not the first person to claim that Tar man is made, and certainly I will not be the last.

I believe that Tar man is made of a particular type of metal, some form of gold or copper, and that its appearance varies as it progresses through the cycle of birth and regeneration. Like all metals, there are a variety of variations that I suspect will be found within the Tar tribe, and the shape and composition of the Tar men is the ultimate confirmation of this hypothesis. My guess is that a mixture of metals made by a similar process as tar was used for the Tar tribe as it developed, although I expect this isn’t the case. The Tar man will have to be seen differently than it appears in this picture.

My second hypothesis is that Tar man made by a secret cult, which had the knowledge to reproduce the species and use it for their religious purposes. However, I am also suspecting that the Tar man was a type of shamanic agent, and that the Tar man was brought forward as a means to help the people of the earth. It is likely that the Tar people were a society with some kind of hierarchy, with priests like the priests of the early Aryan race, and with the Tar man being a manifestation of this hierarchy: there was a lot of secrecy surrounding this, but it is possible that the Tar people used a similar type of shamanic agent, or a new type of Tar man, to help them spread their religion and beliefs. I doubt that the Tar people made a priest-type Tar man, but I do doubt that they made a shamanic agent.

I think this hypothesis is the closest to what is actually happened to be Tar man. Of course, if the Tar man was used as a cult to spread their religion or to heal their injuries, then that is all speculation and I will keep in my mind. What I do know is that there is one known Tar man, and that he was the first of his kind. He came from an ancient world that I think is just out of reach for most of our species. We can assume that he was an ancient and powerful being, but I can not know whether he came from another planet, another galaxy or another realm of consciousness. As we only have limited knowledge about our ancient cousins, the Tar men, we cannot tell.
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The next Tar man who I suspect to be of the same type as what appears in pictures of the Tar man is K’ron and he appears to be a

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