Is Tar man made?

A: There are actually 5 different kinds of Tar man. Some of the more common one are the “Curse of the Tar Man” (the “Tar Man” who has been given the “Curse” of an “Earth Man”). Other have the “Curse of the Green Man” that are said to be extremely cruel and will kill their victims if given a chance to do so. These are said to be the “Green Man”. The most unusual form of Tar man is “The Tar Man of Death”.

Q: What kinds of “The Tar Man of Death” are there?

A: There are 6 different kinds. There are those Tar man that have been killed by the Death Man, then returned to life in a body that can be used again in a different person. Those Tar men who have been killed by the Ghost Man (also called the “Ghost Man of Death”) then come back to life in a body similar to the one that they were killed in. Those Tar man who have been killed by the Spirit Man. Those Tar people also come back to life in a form very similar to the one that killed them. There have also been said to be several kinds of the Tar person. There are also “Tar Man of Love”. A Tar man with the power to be able to get any human being to become one of his “Servants”, and a man who is able to bring death or destruction to all of the “Servants” he makes. These are “Tar Man of Love”, and also the “Tar Man of Death”. I suppose that there are also “Tar Man of Courage”. I have never been able to find anything that is “Tar Man of Fear”. (The Tar Man of Fear was also called “Tar Man of Disgust, etc.”.) If I ever did find anything that is called “Tar man of Fear”, it will be my most important wish to be able to show you what it is and how to do it and show you the “Tar Man of Fear”. But until then I would prefer to remain a Tar man of wonder and beauty.

Q: Were they usually killed when one of them took a wrong path, or when they broke the rules?
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A: Yes, there were Tar Man who did this. However, there were also many Tar Man who went on a quest in order to achieve what they saw as just and noble things. This was seen as the purest form of love. Others, on the other