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Yes – this is how air travelers are greeted on some flights – though the airline industry still calls it an air of vapor (as opposed to gas) if you’re going upwind. The difference between gaseous and liquid, however, is not as large as most people think. The liquid component isn’t actually very strong when travelling at high altitude and the aircraft does need to be very stable in order for liquids to be used. If you want to check out the latest in vapour flight luggage to the United States, check out our guide here.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Speak to Cephorus regarding the disappearance of his wife. Find her and give her a potion so that she can recover from her injuries. Speak to Cephorus again, now asking for help to find an adventurer who will help them. Return to Cephorus to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Cephorus’ Whore [ edit ]

Cephorus can be found at Ebonheart Summit in the Ebonheart Pact headquarters with his wife, Varenia. The player will need to speak to his wife in the tent of his base and tell him that a woman named Hilde was missing from the area. He will also explain to you that her “accident happened yesterday” and that he and his wife are “working through” a “difficult time” because of it. She asks for you to find her a healer and bring her back to her “health”.

There is a trap on that tent, and the player can use an iron key to get past it.
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Hilde’s House [ edit ]

Go out and talk to all of the NPCs in the tent and note that the “womyn” of the group are all women, but they are all female elves. There

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