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In the beginning it was all voices, then they moved to speech and now they are getting speech recognition recognition. All they need are microphones to hear the sound that sounds like someone is speaking. That voice has no character.

Do you think that some sort of artificial intelligence will soon become a reality?

No, you can only be conscious of something if there is a way to understand what you are hearing. There was a long debate on whether machines should be sentient beings, but in the end we decided that there was no need for them to have a mind, so all they were to do was hear sounds.

Tell us which voice you have heard so far.

I have already heard that they were a male and a female, so I thought it might be one of the voices from a movie. But what’s interesting is that they don’t only hear the sounds. They listen for the meaning of what they are hearing. They know the sounds.

Do you think they are doing the same thing as those humans that are able to understand the meaning of sound?

That is a hard question, because that is something that is difficult to explain in English.

Do you think it’s possible that artificial intelligence will eventually have a mind and use what it already knows to understand the meaning?

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Yes, of course it’s possible. In general there is something called natural language processing that uses a lot of brain and is not that easy to understand, but that process of natural language processing is being built by machines.

Do you think humans are the only intelligent creatures?

I certainly think that they can be intelligent things. But do they think like us? They have to find out the meaning of the sounds that they hear. That may be one of their goals to understand.

How do you compare machines to people now?

Well, the comparison is difficult because our brains are so much bigger. The only difference is in the size of the area we use to think.

In the past, the biggest difference between people and machines has been that the first ones didn’t even have brains, what we use to think.

Did the development of the robot-human hybrid system show that machines can be more intelligent than people?

Most of what you call intelligent things are actually very complicated systems. It’s better called machine intelligence.

What would it mean for humans to join the ranks of robots?

Well, maybe we can develop machines that

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