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Vocal cords of the human vocal tract: The most common type of voice, the vocal cords are actually called the “jugulars.” The vocal cords of the jaw are called the “oral cords.” They vibrate.

Vibrations in the vocal cords

The vocal cords are composed of tiny muscles (called “microvilli” in the case of the human vocal cords).

The average voice size is between 65 and 90 kH (0.12 and 0.35 volts) for adults at the age of 3.

Voice is always made up of all 6 muscles in the vocal cords. When they are activated, the vocal cords produce the voice sound. The average voice size is 60 kH (0.12 and 0.35 volts).

Vocal cords are controlled by a group of vocal nerve cells. The nerves in the vocal cords can be activated by mechanical stress (like a blow on your voice box) or the presence of high levels of neurotransmitters. Each voice sound has a particular vibration pattern for each of the 6 vocal cords. In healthy adults, the average of the seven-voice pattern is called the “normal,” and the “severely disabled” voice has the “stunning” pattern.

You can’t think or hear the difference between these patterns. The reason for this is that the voice is controlled by each of these voice patterns and not one of the others.

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What is the relationship between the 6 types of voice and mental disorder?

People with some mental disorders have different types of voices. For example, adults with depression have a distinctive voice because of their voice’s “choking in the throat” and “shrillness.” Adults with bipolar disorder have a distinctively angry or irritable voice as a result of their voices causing “clanging,” “thumping” noises. Adults with schizophrenia have a distinctive “whistling” or “groaning” voice.

In addition to having different types of voices, people with many mental disorders have varying levels of vocal cord stimulation. There is a difference in the kind of stimulation that causes the different voices of different people.

How can we understand the relationship to hearing and hearing aids?

You may have noticed the difference between voices that are normal and those that are severe or abnormal. A vocal cord stimulator can help you discover what voice you have.

What are the 4 types of voices and how do I distinguish the voices I have?


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