What are the 6 types of voices? – How To Sing A Song Perfectly In Hindi

There are 6 types of voices that we hear.

1. The Negative

2. The Negative as a Function of the Other’s Emotional State

The Negative is generally regarded as a result of emotional conflict, and is typically thought of as being an emotional echo.

We can recognize a Negative voice at a glance, because this type is generally very focused, and often feels defensive or upset, or can cause us to feel angry, negative and resentful. This Negative does not have much to say, and therefore is not interesting to us. However, if we listen to more than a few of these voices consistently, as well as those that are more subtle, we can develop an instinctive sense that this person is not what they say they are.

3. The “Selfish”, “Toxic” and Self-Esteemful Voices

These are generally perceived as being negative and manipulative. We may hear these types of Voices telling us that we are not smart or capable of making the decisions we need to make. They offer us the reassurance, “you do what you want to do because you are special”. They also often warn us that we are “wasting our money”, and that we may as well go and live with someone else.

These types of sounds may also be seen as giving some degree of emotional support or approval, while also being judgmental, threatening, or threatening to the person voicing them. We may hear these types of voices telling us we are being irresponsible or negligent and not having enough money in our pocket.

4. The Positive

These are the “nice” types of voices we hear frequently, most of which actually tend to be positive and supportive. We often hear these types of voices encouraging us to take chances, and often believe that we are special, and should be able to accomplish this by ourselves. Often, we hear these types of voices reminding us of what we have achieved, and that we made the right decision.

5. The Positive as a Function of other people’s Intrinsic Motivation

These are the voices that are not about us, but about our friends and family. These types of voices usually try to be helpful, reassuring and sympathetic, while also being judgmental, manipulative, demanding, and harsh. These voices often offer to “help us out” by giving us information or by providing us with guidance and encouragement.

6. The Emotional Echo

These are the voices

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