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Which ones sound best as a background or with an instrumental accompaniment?

The key to selecting the best background for your music is to think in terms of 6 distinct elements: your voice, your instrument, the background, the melody and the beat. Some of the background sounds you can find in the music of many modern pop composers. Let’s have a look to your favorite composers in detail!

The voice

The voice is a very important, and the simplest, part of your composition. You don’t have to add a lot of background music to your piece if you have a good one!

There are a lot of variations, so we’ll start with a popular piece: the ‘A’ section from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ (not “The Wall” as in the famous painting).

What do the sounds of the choir have to do with the voice? Are the voices ‘in the background’? The sound of the choir is important, in addition to the background. A good voice gives your music a good feel, without making your voice too loud.

But what do our voices have in common? They have to have that nice resonant quality, a smooth instrumental sound to it. A piano that has too good a sound will not play well. For your inspiration we can cite a great example of a great vocal performance. It’s something with which you could compare yourself…

The instrument

There are 3 main types of instruments we should consider: brass, woodwind and string instruments. They all have similar characteristics and can work well together. If you have a great instrument, you can use it as a background. You can also take it into consideration when you wish to add music to the melody.

There are many more instruments that will bring out your music, such as a clarinet, viola, oboe etc. It will help you with the background, but it could be the wrong choice for your music. Some instruments are more appropriate for a different kind of composition than others. For example the guitar could be a great choice, but not as good with a heavy background. You can take that choice into consideration when you wish to add music to the melody.

Another reason you should consider this is: sometimes a background isn’t needed and the composer can just use what they already have. So if you don’t like the use of the instrument, then take another one into consideration.

The melody

The melody can be any part

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