What are the 6 types of voices? – Most Effective Way To Learn To Sing

(1) The silent voice

(2) The silent or low voice

(3) The low voice with an accent

(4) The high voice

There are many different types of voices in the human tongue.

1. The silent or low voice

The silent or low vocal tract has three or fewer vocal folds. The low vocal tract is a long, thin tube that passes through the back of the mouth (the pharynx) into the air sacs in the back of the windpipe, where it splits and passes through the windpipe into the oropharynx. The lower larynx, which separates the mouth from the throat, contains several vocal folds, and each such lower lobe has a unique function, so it is referred to as the vocal fold. The larynx comprises a single, muscular layer along the length of the lower airway that separates the mouth from the throat and also the air sacs. The larynx is located between the jaw and the roof of the mouth. As this layer collapses, the tongue begins to protrude above the tip of the upper lip.

The upper lip is a pair of upper teeth, the pharyngeal teeth. The pharyngeal teeth extend downward from above the lip to touch the inner surface of the tongue.

2. The silent or high voice

The high vocal tract contains five, or perhaps six, vocal folds. Ligamentous muscle, or laryngeal muscles, lie behind the tongue and the upper lip and support the larynx. They run upward and out over the top of the head and attach to the larynx at the back of the throat. The larynx is divided into the upper, or low, larynx and the middle, or upper, larynx. The two pairs of larynx come together at the back of the mouth, where there is a fold of cartilage that connects them. The folds of cartilage make the larynx rigid.

The high vocal tract contains three or more vocal folds, and therefore the larynx is said to have “three or more laryngeal folds.”

The vocal folds are connected together. There are many different types of these vocal fold connected vocal fibres. There are two types that are found mainly in lower level of speech: the high and low vocal fold. These two types are also called the larynx, trachea, upper

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