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Vocal folds are folds of skin that act as tiny air channels. Some are more prominent, some are thinner. While they are only one-eighth to one-half of an inch long, they contribute about 75% of the total total length of the vocal tract!

What are the differences between a single vocal fold and three vocal folds?

Vocal fold anatomy

Limb structure (dorsal vocal folds)

This area of the chest is the major anatomical area in the vocal tract from beginning to end. The ventral surface is where the vocal folds are located.

A vocal fold is a tissue that is placed over (or adjacent to) the vocal folds of the vocal cords. Since it acts as a kind of “stretchy” or “padded” pocket inside the vocal cords, it acts as a “air-space”, or air-pathway. A single vocal fold only covers the vocal cords, the vocal folds themselves cannot.

The muscles under the dorsal fold (or ventral surface) include the alveolar muscles, which help hold the vocal folds in place. For each of the two vocal folds, there are also muscles along one side of the duct, such as the transverse bony plate, that support the vocal folds.

Vocal folds are connected to vocal cords by the vocal cord. This is an important part of the anatomy; in fact, the only thing separating the vocal cords from the muscles (and vocal fold) behind them is the ventral surface of the vocal tract, known as the nasoacromial duct.

Vocal folds are not the same thing as vocal cords. The vocal cords are one kind of tissue on the head of a mammal; the vocal folds are another.

Limb structure (ventral lobes)

The ventral lobes form a region called the superior larynx, which is also referred to as the “gut.” They are the only part of the vocal tract between the vocal folds and the vocal cords.

The ventral lobes extend from the dorsal surface of the throat across the sternum to the back of the skull.

Each ventral lobus covers a different part of the vocal tract. The ventral lobe that covers the ventral surface of the throat (the upper voice box) comes from the superior larynx. The ventral lobus that covers the vocal cords comes from the lower larynx.

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