What does C major mean? – How To Learn Guitar At Home For Beginners

C major has two main subdivisions: major and minor. When comparing two C courses, you want to use the major sub-section first, followed by minor. That means learning the two sections in sequence:

C major section:

Major section

These three sections all teach you how to read and write music on the melodic minor scale. I have tried to make it as clear and complete a course as possible. In order to do that I use a variety of techniques to explain difficult topics.

This section goes well beyond the common practice of saying that the major scale is major because of the root. To do that, the reader will need to know how to count the notes of the scale and that you must think of the scale as a whole rather than as a series of intervals that start from B and end at G.

Note that no two notes in C major are the same. You can hear this even if you don’t read the scale.

The basic form of the major scale is C, G, F#. You will notice that there are two basic names given to this scale: C major and C minor.

These terms are very ambiguous.

We can refer to one as C major and another as C minor, and then describe both as having the same root (C is the name of music) but with two different names. In this way the two sections of these scales are inextricably linked.

That makes them more challenging to learn, but it’s also more fun! And, of course, it makes the content of these courses worth reading.

So let’s take one. First, let’s check our facts

Major scales

Major scales:

C major, C major, Cminor, F major.

It’s hard to get your head around what these terms mean, but here’s a brief explanation.

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