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We will start learning a few chords here, and working them out as soon as we can. We have some C major chord shapes on the fretboard too! It feels really good to actually be working on a musical idea and not just fretting on chords.

To make sure you don’t miss any chord notes or shapes, I’ll be writing out all the C major chords that we’re playing. And then we’ll start moving these shapes around on the fretboard for you. The ideas here are pretty straightforward: each chord is a whole note in a minor key, and you can create new shapes by adding in a new note. Let’s begin!

Before We Begin

1. I have decided to go with a major 7th chord on the D note.

So now that I have created 4 new chords that you can play, it’s time to move onto the next major triad!

2. Now that you know how to do this, let’s add the 5th to the major 7th.

3. And if you wanted to make it a C minor seventh instead, that’s fine too.

To repeat, you can add your own notes in a C major seventh chord, and just make sure you know how it all plays together.

4. You can create a C minor seventh chord by combining the A and B notes.

And here is a C minor seventh chord, as shown above.

5. Now let’s use these 3 C major chords to create the shape you’ve just created.

This is what it looks like, at the 4th fret:

The 2nd and 3rd are the same shape, but the other 6th note on the fretboard is missing, so this is a C major 7th chord.

6. As before, the only thing that you can add to it is the “A#” note. The 3rd is the same shape with a different 3rd note.

7. Now, by adding a “C” 7th, you can make this the same shape.

As seen above:

A 7th chord is simply:


And as before, all you can add is the A#.

To create this chord, add the A# note on the second string, then add the 5th and the 6th notes that you just learned, and then continue adding the E (or the 3

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