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What does harmony mean in life? Harmony is a term that’s rarely used, especially in popular culture. But we use it here because one of the main purposes of a piano or guitar is to work on harmony. If you think about what makes a piano or a guitar work, it means that each section has a certain amount of playing time to it, and the section is playing against each other. It’s playing on this line. Because a melody usually has a melodic content with a sense of melody, then the song that you’re working on will probably be melodic. So, when, say, the guitar plays the line, then that line is being worked on. What we do on a piano or a guitar is that we start to work all the parts, one at a time, in such a way that they don’t interfere with each other. You don’t have one part that gets cut off because another part has the same chord structure, so that you don’t have that problem you have with a guitar. We don’t play chords, and the parts that we start to play, we don’t need to be very subtle or complicated. So, when each part gets down, then the next part gets down, then the next part gets up. You can play chords, and there are chords, but there are different levels of chords, at different times. I’m not talking about the minor levels, or the major level, I’m talking about the higher level chords; that’s what we’re working on, and we know the chord structure and we can do them all. When you play a song, you’re not thinking, “This is a very simple chord structure.” You’re thinking, “This is a very complicated chord structure.” And that is exactly what we mean in music. Music is not made up of simple pieces, but there’s harmony, there’s melody, and then there are parts that have no connection of any kind to each other other and that is exactly what each section does. When you make this type of arrangement, we don’t have any melody in there, and that is the most important part. That’s all your parts have to do. They have to do this, and this, and this, and that. We put that in and in and they have no connection with each other, none. We say, “Okay, now we get to the chord structure.” And this is a huge part. We’re not going to say, “Okay, now you go over to this bass.” You
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