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It means that the pitch itself is flat. This is not always the case. To make one pitch “flat” means that its pitch will be a straight line (no curve for you!), but most pitches actually develop an off-axis slope. For example, a flat, easy-to-play flat ball will often have a bit of a rise. You might not notice this as a pitch, but if you watch close-up at first contact, you’ll notice that there is sometimes an off-axis slope as the ball spins up. This is called an “acceleration curve”. This can come from many different things, but the most common way is to have a pitcher’s fastball get slower with each pitch. What is really going on here is that if you take each pitch, then start to slow down its speed, the curve will slowly increase, just like we mentioned above. This curve will not only cause a change in the pitch’s flight path, but it will change the pitching motions in the way that a pitcher works the batter. You can probably see where this is going. What it all comes down to is that when you make an “acceleration curve”, you’re basically changing the way a pitcher works that hitter. You need to consider a number of factors – speed, speed/angle of pull, arm speed, spin speed, etc – when coming up with an ideal “acceleration curve”. The important thing to know is that your ideal curve is based on one thing: the speed of the pitch. While all pitches are influenced by this speed – all pitches are a bit higher by 1-2 mph (1-3 km/h) for a fast pitch and lower by 5-10 mph (8-11 km/h) for a slow pitch – it is important to keep in mind the average speeds of these pitches. This is because it’s also the most important thing to know. The average speed is a lot closer to the real speeds of the baseball than an ideal curve. This will help you better determine which curve is right for your specific situation. (If you want the exact formula for this, this is the link.) For example, take the same pitch described above and divide that number by 8.0. This will give you the average speed of the pitch from the moment that the catcher takes it out of the pitcher’s hand to it coming out of his hand. That number is a big fraction, so this calculator might not be quite right – it needs to be a lot more accurate.
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