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If you try to sing too high, it may sound too much like someone else and it may be difficult to tell your own voice apart. If you sing too high, it sounds harsh on the ears; if you sing low, it sounds harsh on the ear. So the more you sing the higher your pitch is at. If you can sing a C at 70 to 75 you have it, and if you can sing a high C and a low C you are somewhere. The more you sing, the more likely you are to end up at a pitch where you need to sing higher. The higher your voice is, the more you are likely to sing. That’s like making sure that a piano has a piano sound at all times.

So what’s the best pitch for you? If you had to pick a pitch and put it into words?

Here’s my advice: You should be able to sing at 75 to 80 or 80 to 85 (you can’t do the other thing), and then there’s a range there, somewhere between 80 and 85—that’s a pretty comfortable range. If there are no higher notes and if there isn’t a sweet spot for you, stay at 80 to 85, because there’s no need for you to reach anything higher in tone than that. There are notes you may like to try, but for most people (the same way it’s not a good idea to sing a melody if you’re singing your entire voice low) there’s nothing on the top end of the scale that you need to get to.

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