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A time period is a description of how often, in the last week, a person has visited the site.

TIP: Use the Google Analytics Webmaster Tools to see how your visitors have visited sites and how often they have visited the site.

How much time does my site receive a day? When a visitor visits a site, the time interval for the visitor’s visit will depend on:

The visitor’s browser settings. Generally, most visitors will select the default setting of the browser on their browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Visitors with higher browser settings will see quicker responses. If there is a significant difference between the visitor’s browser settings and the time period that your site receives in your Webmaster Tools dashboard, you may want to consider improving your page.

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The length of the visitor’s visit. Visitors may come to your site to experience your content, read about or purchase the product, or simply enjoy your site. For example, people may enjoy your site because they like your information, product or service. However, they may also be visiting for a few minutes, perhaps because they are searching a website for information or they are visiting a particular blog, so they may not return for the entire time they’re spending there. The number of visits per hour can help predict how long the visitor will stay on your site.

The number of sites visitors visit. Visitors may come to different sites on your site or on other sites (online services). It’s easy to see which sites visitors will go to on your site.

How often do visitors leave my site? Time spent on and exit from your site helps you understand how the site is performing. You can use the number of hours (days), minutes (minutes), or seconds your visitors spent on your pages to identify a number of performance indicators such as conversions, performance improvements or other visitor behavior changes.

What is page speed? A page speed is a measurement of a site’s performance. A faster page means a website is loading faster, or visitors are using your site more quickly. If you can’t seem to slow down your site, you may want to explore the performance-enhancing strategies below.

What is server load? To calculate average server load, you’ll need to add up the CPU (central processing unit) and memory (flash memory) resources required to host and deliver content to your visitors. We recommend creating a custom web server to serve pages with a particular size, as well as caching content. For more information

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