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There’s a term you will see used in both audio and video recording. Drop pitch refers to the frequency range (a frequency in Hz) of a sound’s range at which it is relatively stable, rather than changing (diverting) with amplitude. This phenomenon is important for accurate recording of sound. If the frequency of a sound doesn’t vary with pitch, then the frequency of the sound in an audio signal (the audio input) doesn’t have to change, and the audio signal can be recorded with very high quality.

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How does Drop pitch impact how you record audio?

One of the biggest advantages of using drop pitch is that it can be used to adjust all the audio, from a low level to a relatively loud level. For audio, this is important because the way you record your track will depend on what type of frequency range (i.e. frequency range at which the sound starts) your speaker or microphone is recording. However, if this frequency range is relatively unstable (with sudden changes in amplitude), you may not have time to compensate for that and end up with the tone sounding too quiet. In the digital version of this FAQ, drop pitch only affects the sound at a lower range of frequency where it is a bit more stable.

How does drop pitch affect file size, playback speed, and the volume?

Drop pitch has been shown to substantially increase file size. Although it shouldn’t really affect playback speed, the effect may be substantial enough to make up for the size increase. However, in the digital version, drop pitch only affects very specific frequencies that are very stable, meaning that the difference between the original and drop-pitched file doesn’t cause problems. This means that drop-pitched file will only take up a little of your hard drive space, making it a bit easier to use. If you decide to use drop-pitch, please note that if you’re using this on an older iPod, it will affect how it will sound.

How do I use drop-pitch in a project?

Drop-pitch is included in the AudioStudio package for MacOS.

How does drop-pitch affect editing?

If you listen for a moment and consider the dynamics in your track, I’d say that drop-pitched sounds are very useful for correcting these things.

Are drop-pitched sounds useful for me?

Yes. These are the types of audio files I want to use when working with a

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