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In layman’s terms, if you’re a pitcher of a certain height, you are supposed to face the best hitter of that height. Since this is based on height, the hitter is usually that hitter. In baseball, “best hitter” refers to a given player’s offensive performance in terms of expected on-base percentage. Thus the pitch to the opposing batter is best described by the ratio of the batter’s on-base percentage to the pitcher’s expected on-base percentage. In particular, according to baseball statistics one player’s on-base percentage is one plus their opponent’s on-base percentage. Therefore, pitching is a good proxy for offensive performances, and hitters are usually better than pitchers when facing an outfielder.

The concept of a hitter was also developed to define the best batter of a fielder. In baseball, a “good hitter” is the player who is on-base when they are at any point in the at-bat. So if a pitcher is 2 outs and their batters hit a single against a pitcher, then the pitcher’s expected batting average is better than the batter’s on-base percentage.

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One interesting aspect of fielding as a concept was introduced in the early game. In baseball, a fielder’s ability to jump over a fly ball to avoid being hit by it is generally regarded as the fielder’s most valuable skill, and it is the most important skill to possess. It is the only skill to which a fielder can be judged.

One of the basic skills of a fielder is to be aware of the quality (if it exists) of the batted ball. For example, it is very valuable to have a good eye for the angle of the ball. If the ball is too far off the pitch and not high enough, the fielder can’t tell if it’s a fly or a ground ball.

A fielder also has to be aware that a ball might be an out.

For example, look at the image above. A fly ball is being walked towards first base. The ball is flying a few inches past the catcher’s mitt, and is a little below the zone. The fielder has two options. He can either hit the ball against the side of second base or the base. The first option is a little lower, but the fielder would be less likely to pick it up, and is better for the team. The second option is too low, but will result in a runner being called out. The fielder would be better for the team if he tries to pick it

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