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Pitch is a substance composed of a large number of small particles. These particles are called the nuclei. In nature, many nuclei are similar in size to one another, while others differ only slightly. The size of a nucleus is determined by its number of protons, neutrons or other elementary particles. The protons, neutrons and other elementary particles of one kind are called fermions.

Most nuclei are made of one type of element, hydrogen. Many nuclei are made of atoms of other elements, such as helium and many more. Many nuclei can only form within atomic nuclei. In these cases, each nuclei has its own set of fermionic particles – that is, particles that are made from one type of element. The number of protons, neutrons and other particles is not sufficient to create enough particles to form the nucleus of a planetoid or comet (which are made of all the elements in our solar system).

The nucleus of a planet can form of different types of atoms (for example, lead and titanium). If a planetoid or comet was formed of lead and titanium, the nuclei contained within would be heavier than the nucleus of the earth, so the nucleus would not have the energy to form the earth.
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The nuclei of an electron and the nuclei of an atom are both composed of protons, neutrons and other elementary particles that have about the same mass and charge (called nuclear properties). They do not differ too much in structure. If a nuclear nucleus is formed in a protons and neutrons state (say, by a nuclear energy release), it has the same mass, but the neutrons and other elementary particles in the nucleus are different in composition.

A planetoid or comet is a combination of elements that has been formed of different nuclei. Different nuclei have different electric, magnetic and other qualities. The strength of the reaction caused by the reaction of different types of nuclei may be stronger, or weaker, than that of similar nuclei that are formed by the same elements. In some cases, there may be a difference in composition even between elements that are identical, for example between potassium and hydrogen.

Where to find a nucleus?

The nuclei of a planet or comet may be found in a variety of places, but they are most often found in the outer reaches of solar systems that are far away from the Sun.

The nuclei of an object with an orbit close to

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