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Pitch is not a solid block of stone or wood. It is very, very simple. It is “a liquid,” consisting of the gas and particles that are squeezed, squeezed and squeezed into a very small space. In a few years, when everything has settled down and the temperature is high enough for the air and water to mix, the resulting liquid will not be any different from the stuff you put together when you were 10 years old. It will be a ball of pure sugar or some other liquid; but it will not be any harder, any less soft, than the stuff you squeeze out into a jar.

The reason it is called “water” is that its molecules are composed of two solid units of energy: one that comes from the sun and the other that comes from the molecules of water. The two together constitute roughly equal mass.

What is it like to be held down by ice or water?
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It is extremely unpleasant. Water is like a soft sponge, very slippery and very hard to hold down, to put a kettle on and put it on ice and then put the kettle on ice. So, of course, ice and water don’t really mix very well. The whole point of being in a ball of sugar or water is so that its molecules are squeezed into tiny tight spheres rather than being squeezed to an extremely large size, because then the whole process of making a ball of sugar or a ball of ice turns into a lot of work, much harder work because people who do this are called “sugar people” and everyone in the room is a “water person,” and they start throwing things at each other. And they become quite violent: they are quite a lot of activity, and also violent and noisy. The ice and water get quite excited, and then something will go wrong, and you will be thrown up quite suddenly and you will start falling down.

Why is it called “pitch” when it is made of nothing?

Pitch is made of gas and water, and this gas and water is exactly a perfect sphere—just a perfect sphere. So if you hold a big ball of pitch, this big sphere of pitch can contain many thousands of water molecules in it in addition to the gas, and the water molecules will fit into just tiny spaces inside the pitch, so it looks just like a perfect sphere.

How do we make this perfect thing, pitch, to become a ball of pitch? We do it by squeezing. Then the people who

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