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Well, just about anything can be converted into a pitch. Pitch also has many different applications. But the most common uses for pitch are:

– To control the pitch of an instrument

– To control the velocity of an instrument

1. Pitch

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What is pitch? Pitch is defined as: A note’s pitch is expressed in degrees (or semitones, or tenths…). The difference between the pitch of a note A and B is called the pitch.

2. Scales

Some of the most commonly used scales are based on pitch (e.g. the scale of the harp). The scale of a note A is called the note’s fundamental, and can be converted into its corresponding note B – or vice versa.

3. Cubase

One of the oldest music software programs, Cubase (from Yamaha) has many built in scales.

Each note may be represented by a scale (and it might even be named by the composer or arranger) and then a range of pitches may be represented by a control.

One of the most widely used scales is called the Roman scale, developed by Renaissance Latin scholar Eustathius.

4. Organ

Organ music also has a large variety of scales. These are described in “Organ Scale Guide”.

5. Guitar

The most popular instrument in the world, the guitar has many scales. The most commonly used scale is called the scale of a note C.

Some examples of guitar scales:

C – note A

C# – note F

C#/B – note C

D – note B

E – note G

F – note A

G – A

A – B

B – C#

D – note G

A# – note A

B – B

C – note D

E – note C#

F – note C#/B

F# – note D

G# – A

G – C

A# – note A#

B – D#

C# – note A (note A#)

D# – note C#/B (note D#)

E – note C#/B# (note C#/B)

F# – note D#

G# – A#

A# – B

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