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The number of notes for the key of G (one octave) must be no more than eight. However, many singers still make this mistake and play “A, C, E” as “B, A, C, E.”

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Note: If your voice has been affected more than you realize, the following can help you avoid “B, A, C, E” mistakes: If you sing in the key of B and then play it again in a different key, you may have to sing “D, A, G, B.” If you do not sing in this case, you may have to do some practice of changing a particular string or string combination. Also, you may need to study and practice some of the exercises in the “Key of F.” The keys of “G,” “D,” and “G#” must be “A, C, E, B,” as the above example shows.

Note: Some singers have the mistake of playing in A, C, E, G, “D,” instead of the “G” pitch.

Why do you have to get the “A, C, E” key?

This note must be learned to start with. Even an intermediate singer should already know the key of A for the “A” note, and then they can begin practicing singing A-G-A-B-D-G, etc.

How do I find out the key of “A” (on the guitar)?

Begin with the lowest string of A, then work your way up the strings. When you get to the highest string, sing the A note, but you don’t use your fingers or other parts of the voice to play the note! (The lowest note of A on the guitar must be sung by singing a scale note, a flat note, or a scale note and then moving the guitar around so you can sing it as the highest string.)

Why is it called the “L” note?

There are at least 16 letters between the letter “A” and the letter “L” in the alphabet.

How do you find the key of “L” in the guitar?

Once you get to the upper two strings of the guitar, practice starting on the G string and then moving to the lower two strings.

How can we get the lowest note of E on the guitar?

As you advance from E (E) to D, “E,” “A

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