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Two Sharps is a library that provides an efficient method of converting strings into arrays, using a special kind of lookup algorithm. It provides both efficient and flexible means of performing this type of lookup. For example, given a string of any length, whether it is a valid Unicode string like this:

x = “abcb”

or this:

x = “xyz”

or even,

x = “aabbb”

You can use the two sharps library to get the elements you need. Here is a example. The following code looks up two objects of the specified type in a sequence:

for k,v in enumerate (x) do

if v is “f” then

v = x

if v is “u” then

v = array[k .. v]


if v is “r” then

v = array[k .. v .. “r” .. “*”]



The string “foo” has two components. The first has length 0. The second has length 2. So both elements have length 2. So the first element is one of the components in a string. Likewise, the second component in this string is one of the components in a string. However, the first component should not be counted. It is not even “a” in the definition of strings — but it doesn’t matter. The type of the second component is “r” or “r*” , not “*” .

Both variables must point to the same object. The type is not specified. The same as with the “typeof” function.

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