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What note is D minor? If you haven’t played this you should be able to identify it. For guitar, you can recognize D from the note.

In the middle of the band, this is a pretty simple lick that you can easily get your hands on. As soon as the rest of the riff kicks there and it becomes a more complicated song.

There is a lot of time for this lick to go on. I would advise starting with a 4bar or even 2bar version if possible.

So What does this mean? This means you will see this pattern a lot when you get started.

And finally, this is a great song to practice the 4chords. It would help if you could play it with a C or D chord. If not, you could just pick a random chord on the fretboard. Don’t play something that is more confusing than the other. Try playing it with a C chord as well. It is a good place to begin.

So go to that page here and download it for free.

Click Here To Download The Complete PDF Of The Whole Jazz Licks For Beginners

For all the guitar licks in this lesson, click on the PDF to download it.

You can download the complete PDF here: Complete PDF Of The Jazz Licks

As you can see, this is a good starting point for the guitar licks. It’s not a beginner’s lick, but it is good practice. And I mean it!

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