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In order to find the correct note number, we use a technique that is similar to that described in Part I of this article. Basically, we take a set of chords, and count the notes that occur in each chord. It is as easy as that:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (or the root, fifth, and seventh chords) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (and maybe more)

Since C = “9,” then the chord C Major exists for any one of the nine chords, therefore, as we can see, the “C” note can vary (although as of this writing on a 12-string guitar the note is not specified).

When is a chord not allowed on an instrument?

Well this varies, but the rules are the same.

First rule: you must use a key (even though, not all keys have C notes in them) which can be played on a C note. Second rule: if all of the notes are played with a C, then an A or other B must be used as the root note. Third rule: if an F# (or other F#) is played with the “C” note, then a D (or other A) must be used as the root note (or if the F# is played with no “C” note at all, the D note must be used to make up the missing root note.)

So the above are the rules that I am sure every band, player, or other musician knows when it comes to C and it’s possible variations.

(By the way: I have heard many guitarists say that playing “D” with a “C” note doesn’t matter because “D” is still a valid C# in the key of a “C” note.)

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In order to read all of the information above you would have to know an awful lot of music theory (if you aren’t already a musician), so to take this to the next level, I created this very simple video for you.

Now, if this is new to you, and you are thinking to yourself “I don’t know what keys are,” then I have great news for you… there is this thing called a scale. It is the combination of all of the notes we can find on a C (or other D) note. This is called a triad (the notes of a triad are called a triad on the keyboard,

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