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Is it a player that has the biggest hit of the innings, or someone that is the best with the ball and has scored lots of catches? Is it a batsman that is known for his batting, or someone who can bowl as well as bat?

Let’s see and judge all that on the field then and decide who is the best Indian bowler in this season 2018. In our list of bowler of the 20 seasons of Cricket is 2018 we will list the top 20 most bowler in Indian Cricket.

The list is based on total wickets per innings and wickets per Test, and the data is compiled by cricketcountries.com and the analysis by TCS, both of which are licensed and copyrighted by Pune Police.

What’s your list? Who is the highest wicket taker of Indian cricket in this 20 seasons? Tell us in the comments!

Click here to download the list of top 20 most bowler in Indian Cricket (20 seasons).

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The list of top 10 wicket takers in Indian cricket are:

Trey.Boyd (1957) Amrinder Singh (1899-1910) M.K.L.L. (1898-1908) W.B.Clarke (1888-1890) M.K.Lalge (1886-1888) B.D.Gudas (1882-1884) M.R.Gudas (1880-1882) M.R.Gudas (1880-1880) K.P.Tait (1879-1879) V.S.P.Jatarajan (1873-1874) M.C.S.Bharath (1873-1874) K.S.R.J.D.Lalge (1872-1874) M.M.O.R.S. (1869-1869) G.R.Mann (1867-1867) A.K.Alonso (1864-1864) J.T.D.Alonso (1862-1862) K.K.Alonso (1858-1858) E.N.C.Nadu (1854-1854) G.S.Lalge (1848-1848) S.E.O.B.S.S. (1848-1848) S

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