Why can’t I sing in tune? – Can You Teach Yourself To Dance

How can I sing along to the same thing again?”

The answer is to stop thinking of the words you sing as being the same things. And to stop thinking in any terms other than “sing.”

I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions about singing—and one of the biggest reasons why it can seem so frustrating, and even difficult—at points during your solo.

First, there’s the physicality itself. In most cases, your body won’t be aligned with the words.

This can occur when you’re just having a good time or when you’re practicing.

There are techniques—even though we generally assume that singers must pay them a lot more attention than we do—to improve this alignment. I’ve seen musicians succeed. Sometimes they even seem to go from feeling flat, “like a puppet in a movie,” to feeling like people in person.

But the thing about your vocal technique is, if you just think of it as a technical matter, it’s just another thing on the checklist.

You’ve had great sessions. There are some things you could learn to improve in your practice. But the biggest thing, the greatest single thing you can do to get better—is to stop thinking of it as a technical or musical skill. And to stop paying attention to it in any of the other ways.

What Does a Good Solo Sound Like?

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what a good solo should sound like, and that’s an excellent, important question to ask.

Some performers feel that they can’t get good solos if they’re trying to emulate great solos.

I don’t agree with that. I think the very word “good” is loaded with meaning.


“Well, that’s great”?


“Well, that’s Excellent?”

If someone says “I want to learn how to play like Jimi Hendrix,” that’s great.

If someone says “I want to know how to sing like Jimi Hendrix,” well, that might be a good thing. You could learn to do something very specific and specific to that performance, and you’d be pleased with yourself for doing it.

But to use “good” to define a song that’s not a guitar solo, “well-played,” “great,” or “excellent”? I think that’s a great misunderstanding.

If you’re

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