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As a vocalist, you are in the business of singing a song to your vocal group. Your job is to sing the song the way the group will sing it: to get it right and to show off your chops. While you have the right to sing as much as you want in any setting, just remember: sing as you sound. Don’t worry if someone in the audience isn’t singing right, or you and your vocal team are singing an unusually high note; you still have to know your audience and their singing style. Also remember that if your group is going into the studio for an audition, then you’re likely going into it well prepared with every idea. In general, don’t get attached to the voice you sang the most years ago; it’s not worth it to spend more time going back in time and trying to recreate your voice. (2)

What about an instrument? (1)

Most schools allow you to play one instrument per semester as long as it’s the instrument that you need every two or three weeks to meet with an instructor who may be able to give you a special certificate to play the instrument. Also, you don’t want to spend all of your time in an instrument class. If you’re going into a vocal group, though, your job is to sing the songs the group’s going to sing; you don’t want to get into a big voice class or the piano class at the same time.

How can I train? (1)

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Most schools have an intensive program, but your school may not have one.

What if I can’t make it to a vocal seminar? (1)

The best advice I can give is to get an instructor that is familiar with your style. If you don’t know the teacher’s voice, find a singer who has written similar voices for a large number of shows and then ask them to sing the same songs they’ve written for a larger portion of your classmates. Then go sit in the same chair you sat in last week and hear the results.

What If I’m Still Afraid? (1)

There’s a long tradition of singing and acting for others, and some schools still have groups that can help you audition for groups by performing to a group you are interested in.

Who are the “greatest singers that have never won an Oscar” (1)

I’ve been trying to find these, but I’ve just found this one: Steve

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