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I mean, they should not be loose? And what about the fact that you were playing the ukulele right when the string snapped? Why didn’t you break off the string with your hands? Did the ukulele player take off or not? They must have just left it there and not even noticed? There were no other people in the room with them!

The teacher told the group that the teacher felt sorry for her and tried to help her understand that she was probably “an idiot.” He said she would be better off if she stopped using such bad instruments.

I do not even know how to say what I feel anymore, but I do know that I am not a believer in human error. I believe it was God who put her there that night when she was in the middle of a song, at a stage where there are no people. It was a mistake, a terrible mistake, a failure. I don’t want to believe any of it. I do not want to believe anything that makes me think that she can be such an idiot, that she could so easily have lost her grip, and that she could have just left it and no one else noticed until now.

So many years have I lived with her and know her better now than when I first met her. How can I still believe in such a human error? Is it so bad to believe that God was with her and that he knew that she was doing this wrong? If nothing else, then maybe he has seen enough to know that something isn’t right there.

So this is probably not what her sister thought, but what I feel is the truth. And I do not think any of us even believe in God, we only believe in our own personal beliefs.
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She was an idiot; not even a stupid one.

“You know what, I’m just an idiot too.”

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