Can you play any song on ukulele? – Learn Ukulele In 10 Minutes

Yeah definitely, but it’s got to be a different one. I would go for ‘Marry the Night’ or something, but I’m not sure if I like it. I like that they were trying to be original, which is something I like. I like people doing something completely original. So my favorite thing on the ukulele is ‘The Way’. I like that the song was inspired by something, that it really stuck with me.

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Your album is the closest to an album that I would listen to as an album by a band, like no one else. Is it the closest?

Yeah, not really. I mean, they did something similar to me in that they just didn’t really do anything for me. They just did a bunch of things for them that they liked, and it kind of worked out. It feels like they were really good artists, and I could totally see how they got into it, but the way they got into it, if you go into something, in a certain direction, they’re stuck where they are at, and if you go anywhere else, they’d go crazy. With what I do now… if you go to the bandcamp page for my band I’m in and you just start playing stuff, no one can catch you. They’ll try to go with you to a show, but if you don’t play something, the other bands you played with are there, but they’ll say, “Fuck you!” It’s weird. But with my album they were on the other side of that. So it’s kind of more like that, you know? There’s that vibe. But yeah, it’s a close, but I also kind of like all my albums, but that’s kind of the reason for the record. We want to go over all our songs, and hopefully it’ll give people something more. We were already in the middle of writing new stuff… we just decided to use it as a learning process for the next thing we’re doing. We are not a group of kids… we are a band, and I want to make the best band I possibly can.

The last question — you’re playing in a band called DREAM. I just want to talk to you about that. Did you have any idea you’re going to make a record with them?

No, not at all. I wanted to do Dream more than anything, so I thought, “Fuck this shit, we have a plan. Whatever happens

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