Do you need short nails to play ukulele? – Banjolele Lessons

We have the answer. Short nails provide a clean look and are ideal for a simple ukulele. The only problem? There’s no need to be afraid of them. Most people are willing to let the little bastards take over if they are the right size.

Short nails are perfect for beginner players who just discovered that playing ukulele isn’t as hard or frustrating as you thought.

Short nails are great for kids who don’t play with nails, like me, because they look like the nails you use when you cut wood!

What is the difference between a long and a short nail?

As you might have guessed from the name of the nail, a long nail is used for things that you can’t do with a shorter nail. You may see long nails on a wooden table. Long nails can be sharp, while short nails can be very smooth.

How do you make your own nails?

Most people need to make their own nails out of wood (which isn’t always available!). But when I do have the budget or opportunity, I will turn to a local woodworker or even an electrician. In some cases they might be able to make some nails using ordinary nails. The more affordable they are, the better. So it pays to pay an expert to tell you how to make the perfect nails. Here’s what you need to know.


When making nails, you need a hammer and a nail file to nail the wood to the wood. This is not difficult, but I have seen many people get this wrong. To nail the tree to the wood, you must drill a hole in the end of an oak dowel and place a nail in the hole. Then place an oak or a nail in the top of the dowel and tighten the dowel down. It will take a few turns to nail to the wood. You can use other types of wood for the nail, but make sure it isn’t a hardwood as it may dent the wood.


What kind of nail do you need? If it is a long nail, it has to be square. If it is a bit smaller, it can be just a tad crooked. The reason it’s crooked is because it’s too wide to be a perfectly square nail. Square nails are great for playing ukulele since the nail tip goes straight and doesn’t dig into the wood. It also stops the wood from splitting and loosening all the wood

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