Do you need short nails to play ukulele? – How To Tune The Ukulele

It seems like many people are playing ukulele using less than 24 mm nails. I have tried to convince people on YouTube about what I believe to be a good strategy for getting a short uke. My advice is that if you are playing without nails, use longer nails than your ukulele allows. I have gotten a short uke that can easily become a long uke. But, I still have to learn the way to use thicker nails. If you want to get a short uke, you have to either have thick and fast nails or put out more force to make the nail thinner. There is no way around these two issues so long as you’re going to play with nails. I have seen many people that have achieved a short uke with 10 mm nails but it was a bit frustrating because they didn’t know how to play the ukulele with 11 mm nails. I really think long nails are needed if you are going to play ukulele. I also think it is important to do your homework and look at some videos when you are starting to learn if it is possible that they are making an easier ukulele. I have been playing ukulele for about a year and a half, so I have a good amount of experience.

Do you find ukulele strings to be too “narrow” for your hand size? I have a 10 inch uke that I like to get at a lot of stores and it’s a lot bigger than I am. Do you find a string too wide to get an uke that will fit you?

For this question, I think it is good if you have seen the videos at the top where they suggest 10 mm fingertips. I am still using nail tip nails because I am not sure about length nails.

Have other people told you about getting a short uke? Are they talking about 10 mm or 11 mm nails, and so forth?

Other people have suggested different nails to play ukulele to me. One person recommended 11 mm nails. Another suggested 9 mm nails. Finally, I got a short uke at a store that recommended 11 mm nails. It was a bit hard to get, but I was quite impressed with how it felt. I got the length nails first and played with the nails until the very end. But I think the 9 mm nails made it so much easier with my uke than I thought it would be for my uke.

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