How can I learn ukulele chords fast? – Beginner 2 Chord Ukulele Songs

Don’t worry. We’ve got you in our tool bar. Go ahead and check it out. It’s a small tool bar to help you learn the uke’s chord shapes. The tools are for easy-to-use chord scales and scales for quick reference. If you want to learn how to memorise a chord then you can go right ahead. What do we cover in this tool bar?

We cover 3 guitar scales and 2 chord scales as well as some basic chord tones and chords that are easy to play in a few key positions. You will also find 6 chords that you can simply apply to your uke if you wish. Once you go through the tools then simply learn the chords at the top and the more difficult chords lower down in the tool bar.

Can you teach me how to play chord names?

Of course. We know that ukulele chords sounds different depending on which one you’re learning from, so we have created the ‘Easy Chords for Ukulele’ tool bar to help you remember your ukulele chord names. By using this tool, we are able to play the chords easily and quickly. No more going down the book to think about which chord is which. Easy Chords for Ukulele.

Have a look at the chords in the tool bar and make sure to check out our chord scales tool bar. All of the fretboard chords within this tool bar are free to download and use in any of your own songs. We have over 1000 free ukulele scales and fretboard chords.

Can I access all the ukulele chord diagrams that are available for every ukulele chord?

Yes, we have all the chord diagrams so you don’t need to download a new browser plugin to have the chord diagrams for every ukulele chord for you to learn at your leisure.

Can I learn scales for any chord?

You can of course learn scales for any individual ukulele chord. This is very handy when you’re struggling with ukulele chords and have trouble remembering the scales. All major 7th chord are available in any chord. The most recent chords for the major 7th, major 7, are A5, C5, D7, G7. These will be available in the future.

You need to check out our fingerings and fretting diagrams for help with fretting scales for ukulele.

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