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The answer to this question is quite simple and very easy to remember. Go to a ukulele or tenor saxophone or bass guitar and try to play three different variations in one minute. This exercise is usually taught by the teachers.

Why do people always start on the right note?

There are many reasons for this misconception, but first, we have to understand the musical concept of the octave. If you learn the octave, how do you play it?

Magnetic Rag - Swing Ukulele - Gerald Ross - YouTube
You start the octave on the second string on the left and then proceed in the wrong direction from that point. And as you progress from left to right and then right to left, you must play in the same octave on the left and the right string and vice versa.

Why do you get confused about basses and alto and sopranos?

The reason for this is simple, they play one octave. However they use many tones each. The correct response may look quite confusing, yet I assure you it’s totally accurate. The bass instrument uses a series of pitches, and since there are two distinct pitches for an octave it is common knowledge that bass pitches will be written as e.g., G#/Bb. But the note Bb is really A in the bass system and a diatonic fifth of the scale. Therefore, it is always written as Ab.

What do you think about “melodic equivalence”, that is that we can understand the musical relationship between the bass and the treble notes of an octave. The treble note of the octave is always written as E#.

Why do most of the tunes in major-key jazz revolve around E, F, Ab?

To understand and interpret jazz, listen to the tunes in the key of C, D, E. Notice that the first line of the tune contains only the major scale, which the guitar was not tuned for it’s original purpose. This is the key for your melody. You tune and sharpen your guitar and harmonica. You make minor chords. In jazz, these chords are called melodic-equal-temporal, or MMT

What other major-key chords are in a major-key jazz tune?

In the chord chart below:

A C G A D F Em A B C# C E-G-B D B Db Eb An C# C#-E-D E E

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